Ruffled Shorties

Have you ever been to a Matilda Jane trunk show? I was invited to one last summer and had a great time. Friends, food, cute clothes? Count me in!! But while I was looking at the clothes I kept thinking to myself, “I could probably make this….”  It’s not that the clothes they sell aren’t totally amazing, it’s just that as I looked at them and saw the large price tag I knew I could do it myself for some big savings.

I went ahead and bought an adorable halter top tank for Lainey to be supportive of my friend’s party and Lainey and I both have just adored this shirt for the past year. She wore it with leggings last summer, then with a long sleeve shirt under it all winter, and now she’ll be wearing it with the knock off Ruffled Shorties I just made for her this coming summer!!

Ruffled Shorties (a Matilda Jane knockoff)

The amazing thing about Matilda Jane clothing is the way they use unexpected fabrics together. Not only can I not find such cute patterns for a decent price but I also just don’t have the eye for coordinating in a way that almost clashes like they do. But for this tank I knew that they paired it with red polka dotted ruffled shorties just like the tiny piece of fabric on the chest with the flower buttons on it.

Ruffled ShortiesSo when I saw red polka dot jersey fabric at I decided to take my chances that the red would match with her Matilda Jane tank, and thank goodness, it did!!

Ruffled Shorties by Lainey Bugs CLOSET

The fabric wasn’t as stretchy as I had hoped it would be though which disappointed me a bit, but it still worked fine in the end for her shorts :)

Making these shorts was super quick and easy. Just two pieces of fabric for the shorts, an elastic waist, and 2 ruffles with raw edges! I used a pair of Lainey’s leggings as a guide, but because her leggings were stretchy and this material wasn’t I cut the shorts a couple of inches bigger than the leggings. I turned her leggings inside out and folded them as you can see in the pic below, then I laid them on the folded fabric.

Ruffled Shorties by Lainey Bugs CLOSETI did this twice so I had two pieces like this:

Ruffled Shorties by Lainey Bugs CLOSET(I made these WAY too long so that I could decided how long/short I wanted them once they were on her!)

Unfold those two pieces and place them on top of each other “right” sides together. Sew the 2 curved edges together using a double needle so that your seam will have some stretch to it. (here’s a link to how I use a double needle)

Ruffled Shorties by Lainey Bug's CLOSET

Now sew along the inside of the legs. Just go up one leg and down the other with one continuous seam with your double needle. (sorry I apparently didn’t get a picture of this step so here’s a pic of the finished shorts inside out for a visual for you!)

Ruffled Shorties

Next make a casing for your elastic waist. Fold and press down the top of the waist a quarter of an inch and then again 1 inch. Sew all the way around the waist leaving an inch opening to insert your elastic, once you’ve inserted your elastic sew that opening closed. I’ve taken pictures of this process in my last three tutorials so I didn’t this time! I’ll write a post later this week specifically on how to do this so that I can just link to it from now on! :)

Now try the shorts on and decide how short you want them. I made a mark where I wanted them and then measured a half an inch down from there and cut. Then I hemmed by folding and pressing up a quarter of an inch and then again a quarter of an inch and sewing.

Ruffled Shorties by Lainey Bugs CLOSETTo make the ruffles I measured around the leg opening which was 13 inches and then doubled that number. So I cut a strip of fabric 26 inches long and 1 1/2 inches wide.

DSC_1090I sewed a running stitch along the edge and then pulled one of the threads to make it into a ruffle. (Click here for a tutorial on How to Make a Ruffle) Then I pinned it to the bottom of the leg of the shorts right over the stitch I had made when hemming them.

Ruffled Shorties by Lainey Bugs CLOSETThen I just sewed the ruffle onto the shorts overlapping the ruffle at the end!

I had planned on adding another ruffle above it but Lainey’s tank top is so long that it would cover it anyways so I just stopped here. These shorts are super comfortable and so stinkin’ cute I hope to make another pair sometime.

Ruffled Shorties by Lainey Bug's CLOSET-a Matilda Jane KnockoffYou see what I mean about the unexpected fabrics together?? SOO cute. My Pinterest board is full of their stuff as inspiration, now I just have to find fun fabrics that don’t go together but look cute together anyways ;)

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3 Comments on Ruffled Shorties

  1. Stacey
    March 31, 2014 at 4:51 am (10 months ago)

    I love the ruffled shorts! These would be perfect for my daughter who loves to wear her dress long after she has out grown them. Its nice to put shorts on under and with the little ruffle popping through, too cute!!!

  2. Amanda
    April 7, 2014 at 11:51 am (10 months ago)

    Love the look! Cute little girl too! :)

  3. Laurie
    April 13, 2014 at 1:02 am (10 months ago)

    Super cute shorts! I havebeenexperime ting with trying to put together MJ looks for my last few little girls sewing projects. Love this outfit.


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