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If you follow me on Pinterest you might notice that I’m constantly pinning nice (and somewhat expensive!) clothes for my kids. Let me assure you, I have no intention of running to Nordstrom and going on a shopping spree ;) I’ve been using nice brands like Mini Boden and Matilda Jane and Crew Cuts as inspiration for my sewing projects! I’m no fashion designer and I certainly don’t claim to be, so I need help coming up with fun things to sew. And I’ve found some great sites that get me feeling very inspired :)

Fabric Necklace Tutorial by Lainey Bug's Closet

Today’s Fabric Necklace is inspired by none other than Mini Boden! As soon as I saw theirs I knew I could make one super similar on the cheap. Sure enough the supplies I needed only cost me $4 and I have enough left over to make another one! Yay :)

Fabric Necklace with TutorialIgnore the purple fabric, I ended up grabbing some coral instead ;)

You can use any old t shirt or material you have on hand. The beads I used just happened to be on sale which is why I bought them, but any little ball you can find will work, marbles or whatever Hobby Lobby has on sale that week!! The flowers I bought for an embellishment but you don’t need to embellish it, or you could make your own little flower!!

Start by cutting a piece of fabric and sewing it into a tube. My wooden beads were a bit large so I cut a long piece of 3 inch wide fabric. Here it is after I’ve sewn it.

Fabric Necklace with TutorialNext attach a safety pin to one end and turn the pin inside the tube, working it all the way through, turning the whole tube right side out.

Fabric Necklace with Tutorial

Fabric Necklace TutorialNext slide a bead into the dead center of your fabric tube and tie a tight knot on either side of it.

Fabric Necklace with TutorialSlide another bead on each side of that one tying knots after those. Once you have 5 beads on choose which side you’d like your flower. My flower had a piece of fabric on the back that I could slide the fabric through like this:

Fabric Necklace with TutorialOnce I had the flower on I put one more bead on either side so I had 7 beads in the end.

Fabric Necklace with TutorialI then took the jewelry metal circle thingies that I bought and folded the ends of the fabric through them and hand sewed them in place.

Fabric Necklace with TutorialThen I cut 2 pieces of ribbon and hand sewed 1 end of each piece onto those circle thingies :)

Fabric Necklace with TutorialAnd that was it! Quick, fun, easy, and sooooo cute! Lainey will be wearing hers to school immediately. I finally made her something that she can wear in our 30 degree “Spring” weather ;)

Fabric Necklace Tutorial by Lainey Bug's CLOSET

There’s lots of fun ways to change this up, you could use smaller beads, a big bead in the middle and then smaller and smaller going up, interchangeable embellishments that just clip on….I could keep going and going! I’ll definitely be making more of these for this summer!

Fabric Necklace Tutorial by Lainey Bug's CLOSET

Have a great weekend!!!


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  1. Christina
    March 23, 2014 at 3:43 pm (10 months ago)

    I’ve been thinking about making something like this and this gave me the encouragement I needed. Thanks for that! So simple too. Great job, and I just love the Coral colour.


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